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  Product Features:

“Nice Bidet” is a convenient and practical method to achieve better personal hygiene than with traditional toilet tissue.  It cleans with a gentle and cleansing stream of water that provides therapeutic benefits to sensitive genital and rectal areas.   It provides relief to people suffering from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements and to those recovering from colorectal or general surgery.   It is all natural, comfortable and convenient. The bidet will allow the entire family to feel clean and refreshed every day.


Sprays water through nozzle to ensure cleanliness of the buttocks. Water temperature and pressure can be set to 4 different steps suitable to respective users.

Specially designed for women's hygiene. Sprays water through separate nozzle to alleviate feminine discomforts. 

Blows warm air toward buttocks for heightened satisfaction after washing. Air temperature can be adjusted to 4 different levels.

Seat Warm:
Seat temperature can be preset and can also be adjusted to 4 different temperatures with a high up to 42 °C. Ensures convenient use of bidet in cold environments.


Alternating strong/weak water sprays enables massaging effect. Massage function can be simultaneously operated with Washing/Bidet Move function.
Self Clean:
Retracted nozzle sprays water on itself automatically following complete usage for a self-cleaning effect. Helps maintain clean state of product.
Energy Saving:
Built-in automatic body sensor and preset water temperature of 3 different steps is not only convenient but also helps sale energy.

Buffered Seat:
Hydraulic damper control is designed to prevent excessive impact on toilet seat when closing seat cover.

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