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  Product Features:
  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Cold and Warm water Temperature control
  • Adjustable water pressure Self-cleaning nozzle 

    Fits all toilet seats

Cold & Warm Water Bidet Spa
 The Most Humanized design, ideal use for entire family
Have A Nice Day --- Start with A “Nice Bidet”

AFG-2000: Non Electricity Bidet Toilet Seat ( Hot and Clod Water)

The Water “Nice Bidet” is a convenient and practical method to achieve better personal hygiene than with traditional toilet tissue.  It cleans with a gentle and cleansing stream of water that provides therapeutic benefits to sensitive genital and rectal areas.   It provides relief to people suffering from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements and to those recovering from colorectal or general surgery.  It is all natural, comfortable and convenient. The bidet will allow the entire family to feel clean and refreshed every day.

Control Panel

· Wash Adjust the water pressure
· Drain (nozzle Cleaning) With dual self-cleaning nozzle system
· Temperature Control Adjust the temperature according to your comfort

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